Riad Ker Saada

A friendly riad in the heart of Marrakech downtown

Riad Ker Saada in Marrakech: Frequently Asked Questions

You will find here, in FAQ form, some information that can help organize your stay in Marrakech and in Riad Ker Saada.

If you have unanswered questions, please feel free to contact the manager. Doing this you will help complete this page.

Q : What is a Riad?

R : In Morocco, a Riad is a traditional house, with very thick adobe walls, built around an internal patio. Every rooms open on that patio and riads have no windows to the outside. All this make them very quiet and fresh places.

Riad Ker Saada was completely renewed, using traditional craft (tile floor, tadlak on the walls, painted cedar wood ceilings). Bathroom with a shower in each room. No pool in the riad, since we are in the medina (the old city), where water is so precious.

Q : Where is Riad Ker Saada located?

R : Riad Ker Saada is located in the heart of the Marrakech's medina (the old city), at a stone's throw from place Jemaa-el-Fna (200 m walk). It's a perfect place to "live" the city from within, to discover the souks, visit the medina...

Q : How to get there from the Marrakech's airport?

R : At the airport you can hire a "petit taxi" (little cab, maxi 3 persons) or a "grand taxi" (big cab, maxi 6 persons) for the place of the "Palais de la Bahia" (Préfecture). Before leaving the airport, think to give us a phone call (the phone number is on the webpage "Reservation and contact") so that we can meet you on the place and help you to the Riad.

We may also welcome you directly in the airport, if you prefer.

Q : Is a passport or a visa needed to go to Morocco?

R : British and US nationals do not require entry visas. But a valid passport is needed. You may have more information on the Internet website of the British Embassy in Morroco and on the webpage Morocco's Consular Information Sheet of the US Department of State.

Q : What is the local currency?

R : The local currency is the Dirham. You can buy it only in Morroco. The Dirham is trading at about 1/10 of an Euro. You can have the daily rate of the "Dirham in Euro" on the Yahoo Finance website.

Q : What is the weather like in Marrakech?

R : Morroco has big climatological variations depending on the place and the time of the year. In Marrakech, which is near 500  hight, maximum and minimum temperatures are not so far of what you can find in Seville, Spain (average maximum temperature of 28 °C, average minimum temperature of 12 °C).

You will find more information on the Yahoo webpage Weather, Records and Averages for Marrakech.

The traditional design of Riad Ker Saada is well suited for hot weather. And in winter, the riad has electric radiator heaters.